Minggu, 15 Juli 2012

Just Ephemera

There’s no song that can perfectly represent my character, my feelings, or my life story. Usually, only several lines of the whole lyric of a song that can represent ‘me’. One of those songs is Ephemera. It's sung by Letto, my favorite band. Honestly, when I heard ‘ephemera’, I didn’t know the meaning. And then, I searched its meaning in my dictionary, and found that ‘ephemera’ means ‘nymph or something that has short life’. So, when I heard this song for the first time, about three or four years ago, I presume that this song tells us about human’s life that is not everlasting. But, after I saw it’s video clip and read it’s lyric, I knew that it doesn’t tell us about human’s life but tells us about human’s feeling or human’s emotion that isn’t everlasting. We (especially me) are often drown in our feeling, whether happiness or sadness, although we know happiness won’t last forever, a sadness won’t either. Sometimes, we even can't remember how long those feelings last. It's a good song, a combination of inspiring lyric and beautiful music.

Then, here is the lyric:

I do remember hate that came after
(broken heart)
sadness that makes me so helpless
(I can’t fight)
I can’t remember how long it last
I’m sure it went away so freakin fast
   (*) far too many emotion that taint my soul
         before my faith
         and often I drown in the moment when in the end they all
I do remember laughter that can make
(my stomach hurt)
with happiness that make it all pretty
(even a dirt)
I can’t remember how long it last
I’m pretty sure it went away so fast
Back to (*)
a perfect dream of vivid fantasy
imagination that keep coming back to me
Back to (*)
far too many emotion that taint my soul
before my faith
and often I drown in the moment
when every path I take seems like the only right direction
so I’m growing old but life doesn’t seem as pretty
when sometimes it’s as blue as endless sea
blue as the sea, blue as the sky
everywhere I look, everywhere I turn
everytime I glow and everytime I burn
I should not mind to mourn
sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes
it’s just


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