Senin, 23 Mei 2011

Just An Introduction

Hey, you! You don't know me at all, do you? OK, I will tell you about myself. No, it's impossible to tell you EVERYTHING about myself. I don't mean to hide my identity but I can't write too much.

OK, first, I want to introduce myself (haiyyah, it's absolutely like an introduction lesson when I was Senior High School student). My name is MILLATI INDAH. It's from Arabic. Millati mean "religion". But religion in this context is not about faith. Millati is like "the way of life". Indah, maybe you hear, or read, this word for many times. Yep, in Indonesian, it means beautiful. But, my father tell me that "Indah" is from Arabic too. 'Indahu (with 'ain) means beside Him. So, my name, Millati Indah, means "religion besides Him". Or, in Indonesian, it means "agama yang diridhoi Allah". Hehehe, I don't know the English word of "ridho". Yes, you may laugh at me, but don't laugh too loudly!

Maybe by reading my name, you can guess that I am a woman. Ups, a woman? A girl, maybe? Hmm, I don't know exactly differences betweeen girl and woman. According to age? According to habits and attitude? According to marital status? Hehehe... Hmm, it's better to say that I'm a female. I have two elder sisters and one younger sister. I don't have brother. I'm Javanese and I'm so proud to be Javanese!!!

Ooops, I haven't told you where is my hometown. I was born in Brebes, a town in Jawa Tengah that known as onion producer (is my grammar right?). And, now, I live far far away from my hometown, and my family of course. I live in Blangpidie, Aceh. Mmm, it's not a famous town, I think. If I said Blangpidie, some people will ask, "You mean Pidie?" Wew, Blangpidie is so far from Pidie. If you open Google Earth, you can find Blangpidie. It's the capital city of Aceh Barat Daya Regency. It's near from Aceh Selatan. My birthday? Hmm, I think you don't need to know. You will not send me a birthday present, will you?

What else? I think my introduction is enough...

First Post


Finally... I decide to make a new blog and leave my old blogs. I was bloggingholic and I was trying to stop writing in my blog for several months. But, it's so impossible to stop writing anymore. I need a place to express my feelings, my thoughts, my adventure, everything. There's nobody who can listen ALL of my story, right? So, I need a diary. And, this is my diary -> my blog!

I hope my stories in this new blog will be full of fun, happiness, hopes, and inspirations! Aamiiiiiin...