Rabu, 26 Oktober 2011

Secret Garden, I Love It

I didn't sleep last night. That's why today I'm sooooo sleepy. If you think that I was working overtime last night, you're totally wrong. I wasn't working overtime. I didn't sleep because I watched Korean Drama until 7 a.m. this morning. Hahaha! Yeah, I know, I'm crazy. I can stay along the night for watching Korean Drama. But I can't stay along the night for working. Don't ever tell my boss about this, friends. It's our secret, OK?

By the way, what's the title of Korean Drama I watched last night? Secret Garden. It's so funny, but unreal. Switching soul? Hmm, I don't like that part. But, I like the love story between Kim Joo Won and Gil Ra Im, the starring in that drama. When Kim Joo Won start falling in love with Gil Ra Im, he becomes a little bit crazy. He always think about Ra Im. When he is walking or reading book, he feels that Ra Im is beside him. Ra Im looks so real. But, Ra Im in Joo Won's imagination never changes her clothes. Hahaha! So, Joo Won talk to Ra Im (I mean Ra Im that appear in Joo Won imagination), "At least, why don't you change your clothes?"

Poor Joo Won.. Someone who's falling in love so deeply and crazily, but he can't express his feeling in the right way. Instead of being a nice and romantic guy, he become somebody without manner when meet Ra Im.

Have I told you about Ra Im's director? His name is Joong Soo. Owh, he is so cool.. And handsome. He is the most handsome actor in that drama, I think, hehehe... His character is so... umm... how should I say it? He's cool, caring, just like guardian angel. Will somebody cares about me like the way he cares about Ra Im? Will somebody fall in love with me so deeply like the way Joo Won love Ra Im? Ah, forget my silly questions.

Huwaaa! I can't imagine that somebody will sacrify his life for me like Joo Won did for his love. It would be romantic, hehehe... And, honestly I don't wanna confess it. But, because of this drama, now I like Hyun Bin. Umm, I was not his fan! But, his voice in Secret Garden's soundtrack is nice. Eventough he is not handsome, I think it's not so bad to be his fan. Hyun Bin oppaaaaaa... Hahaha, it's our secret. OK?


4 komentar:

  1. buseddhh... english cing..
    *run as fast as I can a.k.a kaboorrr*

  2. @kai_the17:
    huh, brother uglyyy.. a.k.a abang jeleeek!
    temennya lagi blajar basa inggris malah diledek :(

  3. eh siapa yg ngeledek.. malah terkesima..
    jadi pengen juga nulis post in english..

  4. @Kai:
    owh... dah mule eksis lagi di dunia blogger neh?


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